What my clients say…

I have such lovely clients and here are a few of their reviews and comments after working with me.

“Thank you Helen for our wonderful photoshoot.

A complete professional from start to finish, we would recomend Helen without hesitation.”

James Peachman


Helen Green was a joy to work with. I booked her to take some branding photos for my Wedding Flower business.

She was friendly and professional and definitely put me at ease.

The images are as we discussed – varied, relaxed and highlight the flowers around my flower patch too. 

Caroline White

Abbey Meadow Flowers

Helen recently took some professional photos for my business website and I couldn’t be happier with the photos.

As someone who doesn’t enjoy having their photograph taken, Helen put me at ease and made me feel comfortable throughout the shoot.

I can highly recommend Helen and will be inviting her back in the future. Thank you Helen!

Grace Pepperd

Grace VA

Eunice in yoga position in the sunset

If you are at all nervous about having your photo taken – don’t be.

Helen is wonderful to work with. Meticulously detailed, whether it is lighting, positioning, staging, or otherwise, Helen works in a relaxed but professional way. 

Helen captured beautiful shots making great use of the natural lighting as well as the surrounding landscapes to help create the right ‘feel’ for the images. It was a delight to work with Helen. We had great fun going through the vast number of shots taken to distill down to the final selection.

Helen is patient and kind. We laughed so much during our shoot, enabling her to catch the shots that she knew would help depict aspects of my business. Make sure you have a good chat with Helen and give her an understanding of your business and allow her to encapsulate your essence in a picture.

A picture can really speak a thousand words! Thank you Helen.

Eunice Learmont

The Will Writing Yogi

massage therapist working on a female client

Helen provided me with a package of three professional photoshoots for my business, and I am very happy with the results. 

I don’t like having my photo taken, but Helen helped me to feel comfortable and relaxed and now I have a lovely collection of profile shots, yoga teaching pictures and massage therapy photos. 

Thank you Helen!

Amy West


What a fabulous photo shoot with Helen.

She was calm and fun, so it was a really stress free, enjoyable experience.

The photos were totally brilliant and it was difficult to decide which ones to choose.

I can’t recommend Helen Green Photography highly enough.

Michelle Wright

Footcare Practitioner

Portrait of woman with black hair and red and black dress leaning against a pillar

You are a superstar photographer, Helen. I absolutely love the professional photos you did for me!

Mikki Partridge

portrait with light and leaves in background

I contacted Helen following a recommendation from a friend and my only regret is that I had put it off for so long.

When the day came, my nerves were swiftly settled by Helen and dare I say it, I was actually having fun by the end.

Choosing my favourite shots was also a relaxing and easier experience than I had imagined.

When the photos need updating I will have no hesitation in calling Helen again, and she will also be my first recommendation to anyone in need of some images.

Kath Clark

portrait of woman wearing white top with yellow leafed trees in backgroun

We had a photoshoot with Helen for our business website. She made us feel at ease and actually enjoy having our photos taken. 

The photos are great and exactly what we wanted!

I would definitely recommend going to Helen if you need any business photos taken. Thank you.

Katie Murray

Shift Environment

photos of b&b

Helen I really enjoyed working with you.

Your diligence and enthusiasm was excellent and so you made the experience a pleasure.  I think the Garden Room photos particularly good  –   well composed with delightful views of the garden.

So well done you – you have what it takes!!

Jenny Huggett

relaxed natural portrait

I needed headshots for my business and after meeting Helen and seeing her work, I knew she’d be great. I’m not the biggest fan of having my picture taken, but Helen has an amazing ability to make you feel relaxed and even enjoy the experience! I have been thrilled with the pictures and have received so many lovely comments about them.

Helen has the talent to capture you at your natural best!

Donna Rogers

Den Boer Wines

Portrait of woman sitting at table with books

I have just received my photos for social media & I am blown away!

Helen spent a morning with me last week, putting me at my ease and taking a range of photos for me to select from.

This is the third job Helen has done for me and she has surpassed herself.

She has captured my personality and my smile brilliantly. I’m already using them… not bad within a week!  Thank you Helen!

Judith Humphreys

Confident English

Tim Perkins in front of bridge

I needed some new profile photos for my business. Helen did a fantastic job on an outdoor photoshoot taking some great shots and cleverly finding suitable backgrounds.

It was all very relaxed and the result were some brilliant photos which I can use on my website and social media profiles.

I would definitely recommend Helen if you need some photos for your business.

Tim Perkins

TMP Planning

natural portrait with bluebells

I am delighted with my photos! I would recommend Helen as she is efficient, understanding and professional. She took the time to understand me and my business through conversations before the photoshoot. On the day, Helen made me feel very at ease and relaxed (I’m normally a photo phobic!).

The resulting photos are terrific and there are so many good ones it was hard to choose the best!

Polly Stevenson

Marketing & PR


The skill of a great events photographer is to be a ghost, not to be noticed, not to force people to be unnatural and not to elicit shots. Rather to move gracefully around a group, unnoticed and calm, capturing the very essence, the natural spirit and beauty that everybody has when they don’t know they are being observed.

Helen Green is a master of the art, book her now.

Fiona Davies

WIRE Conference

Professional photos are a key factor in marketing and promotion for businesses and yet so many small businesses don’t invest in this.

Helen is a great photographer who did a fab photoshoot while I was part of a partnership some years ago.

The end result was a set of team photos that gave a professional impression to the business.

Jason Conway

I hate having my photo taken but as a business owner I don’t have a choice!

Helen’s tag line of taking photos of camera-shy professionals resonated with me as I knew she’d ’get it’.

Myself and my three other colleagues spent some time with Helen in a lovely Cotswold barn and produced some photos which matched our brief – to appear approachable but professional.

Helen herself was patient and very easy to work with.

I look forward to putting the ‘team photo’ into circulation. 

Jane Diamond

Family Tree Funerals

Helen is a fabulous photographer and really lovely lady.

She is so great at putting you at ease, even if you are uncomfortable having your photo taken.

I would highly recommend Helen!

Jilly Rickards

Brand photos

Helen delivered as promised – some great photos for some seriously camera shy professionals!

We love the photos and were super impressed with the relaxed but professional approach.


Rob Cockle

Business Insurance Partnership

Helen was professional throughout and makes you feel very at ease.

The shots that were produced were amazing. Thank you!

I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive when I saw the weather. Helen’s approach and professionalism shone through the fog to create fantastic images.

Tom Payne

Abacus Limited

Helen has taken some fantastic team photos and individual head shots for our website.

She was both professional and creative. She made us all feel relaxed and comfortable and we are delighted with the results.

I would highly recommend working with Helen. You will not be disappointed.


Johanna Brand

actionCoach Stroud

man giving a talk gesticulating

We had a fantastic photo shoot with Helen. She made the experience fun and helped me to relax which is no mean feat!

Helen had lots of creative ideas and quickly drew on some of my own ideas too, adapting them to work better. It was extremely difficult choosing the final photos and I am sure that I will be going back to buy more at some point.

I can highly recommend Helen to anyone looking to get their photos or headshots done.

Steve Ackroyd

The Job Guru

woman with pink cardigan walking dog through lane

I’ve worked with Helen twice now on business photos and the best thing about her, apart from how amazing she makes every photo look is how easy she is to get along with.

She does her best to put you at ease so that you almost forget you’re having photos taken.

She is a fabulous photographer and a lovely person to work with. 

Andrea Marsh

Jane Fleming in her Cotswold Soft Furnishings office for reviews

As someone who has always disliked having her photo taken, having a photoshoot was rather a daunting thought! However, Helen instantly put me at ease with her lovely manner and professionalism, to the extent I even enjoyed the experience!

I certainly  never expected to see so many pictures that I liked and even had trouble choosing my favourites.

Many thanks again Helen, I will definitely be recommending your services.

Jane Fleming

Cotswold Soft Furnishings

Meeting with 4 women

I had a fantastic photo shoot with Helen. It was fun, relaxed and professional. Her attention to detail was exemplary, exactly want you want when you’re having your photo taken.

I loved all the photos she produced for me (which is amazing coming from someone who hates picture of themselves!)

I will definitely go back to Helen when my photographs need updating. I highly recommend Helen – especially to anyone who doesn’t like having their photo taken!

Jane Mallett

Nutritionist and Weight loss advisor

natural portrait of woman laughing with cow behind her for review section

Interesting, fun and professional!

I really love the photos that Helen took of me and my work. I found it really difficult to choose which images I wanted.

I would definitely recommend Helen Green Photography to my business connections as Helen did a wonderful job of taking great head shots of me and the curtains in my room designs. I would also recommend Helen to my family and friends as she really puts you at ease when taking your photos.

Nicola Gladwyn

Designic Interiors

I highly and unreservedly recommend Helen for her skill as a professional photographer.

I recently commissioned Helen to take photographs for my new website .

During our session Helen was warm , encouraging and genuinely interested in my line of work.

I am thrilled with the photographs she took as they have personality and depth. The photographs are versatile as they can be used both for a professional and personal capacity.

In the future when I need more photographs Helen will be without doubt be my first call.

Ahrabella Heabe Lewis

Creativity for Your Life and Career at Art To Inspire

Alison Hadley writing on a notepad

Helen helped me to feel at ease, right from the very start… From the initial phone call and emails, through to the photo shoot itself, I needn’t have felt nervous about having photographs taken for my business.

When I first approached Helen, I had a fairly clear idea of the look and settings that I wanted for my photographs.

Helen carefully listened to my needs and helped me to realise this vision, with the result being flattering professional photos that communicate my brand values.

I’m really pleased Helen, thank you.

Alison Hadley

Marketing and communications freelancer

woman with Autumn leaves behind

I had the pleasure of working with Helen when I started my new business and needed some professional photos taken.

Helen helped me relax and spent a lovely morning taking lots of lovely photos of me. We managed to take some outside – in the park shots – as well as inside photos.

Helen got me straight away and knew exactly what I was looking for. Her work is professional and beautifully presented.

I can highly recommend Helen any time.

Kate Varvedo

man juggling circus skills for reviews

Creative and flexible!

We invited Helen Green Photography to our company to produce a portfolio of professional images to use on our company website, social media platforms and printed publicity materials. Her mobile studio made it easy, coming to our site and working with our whole team. She was both creative and flexible in her approach, giving lots of time to make sure everyone felt relaxed and happy with the photographs being taken.
We were all delighted with the finished set of photographs that represent many different aspects of our business. We would have no hesitation in recommending Helen Green Photography to other businesses.

Jane Manning and Louise Amato

World Jungle

Effortless and straightforward!

Like many people, I’ve always hated having my photo taken but Helen made the whole process effortless and as straightforward as a walk in the park. She simply picked up her camera and instinctively knew what was the best shot to take.

Caroline Aistrop

Green Spark

products with water animal feed

I would recommend Helen Green Photography. She is a brilliant and conscientious photographer, she listened to my requirements and put a lot of effort into planning the photographs before even getting to the location. I couldn’t be happier with my shots :).

The whole experience was fun, relaxing and professional. I can’t think of anything that would have improved my day with Helen Green Photography.

Emma Lawton

Huf Design

Warm and friendly!

Highly recommend Helen, she’s warm and friendly and put me at my ease.

And she takes great photos!

Melanie Howell

Virtual Assistant

Gail Gibson with client

Being a service focussed business it can be more of a challenge to show people what you do and how you deliver your work.

Helen brilliantly captured the essence of the coaching rapport I build with my clients.

Working with Helen is great. She puts you at ease and by doing so, she captures the best moments for your business.

Her attention to detail is excellent and I love her natural style.

Helen is the go-to photographer for service-focussed businesses, because her expertise will bring your business story to life.

Gail Gibson

Performance Coach


Helen put us all at ease immediately, and helped us to be ourselves in front of the camera.  She has a creative approach which enabled us to forget about outdoor photographs in the drizzle, and our hair getting frizzy!

The resulting photographs were very pleasing, and we felt that they showed us as we really are.

Sue Fry


Thank you so much to all my clients for their lovely reviews and recommendations!