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I am known as the photographer for camera-shy business people. You might be wondering how this has come about.

Well, I haven’t always been a photographer (or maybe I was and I just didn’t know it). Having worked in an office job in London for nearly 20 years, moving to the beautiful town of Minchinhampton, where the cows roam freely across the Common and through the town, was such a refreshing change and it felt like I was always meant to be here. It gave me space to think, to discover myself and understand what made me happy. I knew that working in insurance wasn’t it.

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I followed an Access to Arts course back in 2005, where we tried out a whole range of creative things, with a Photography Degree, graduating from the University of Gloucestershire with a couple of awards and a first class honours degree in 2008. And it was here that I learnt photography as a way of communicating, I learnt the language of photography, the power of photography and a whole new world opened up to me.

From being a quiet, shy person, lacking confidence in myself and how I look (I was born with a birth defect on my face) photography gave me a voice to be able to communicate with people and express myself through photos. After graduating I wanted to use that voice.

It was really only once I started working with clients I realised I wasn’t the only person to feel this way. That the feeling of wanting to hide when someone brings out a camera wasn’t only me, and I found that people’s confidence around photography bears no relation to how they look. In fact it’s not possible to tell just by looking who will jump up and smile for the camera and who will turn away. It goes so much deeper than our physical characteristics.

It was working with one of my early clients who came to me saying that she didn’t like her photo being taken, which surprised me because she is a beautiful person with stunning curly hair, it hadn’t occurred to me that she wouldn’t like being photographed. When we worked together I chatted to her and was able to help her feel more comfortable, so she relaxed and this brought out her lovely personality, which came across in the photos. She absolutely loved the photos and said to me afterwards, “I realised that this was so much more than just getting some photos for my business. It represented a big leap, declaring myself as a professional, putting myself out into the world.”


I realised that this was so much more than just getting some photos for my business. It represented a big leap, declaring myself as a professional, putting myself out into the world.

It was through working with Amy that I had this realisation of the impact that this can have on people and this was why I decided to specialise in working with people who hide away from the camera, whatever the reason might be. I can help other business owners like me to show their personality online and create relatable images that their audience responds to. Whilst I don’t only work with camera-shy people, I want to be there for them.

Please have a look at some examples of my work and what clients have said about me and give me a call on 07790 993473 for a chat to see if I can help.

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