Photo skills for camera confidence

Go from frustration to enjoyment as I walk you through how to take beautiful, eye-catching photos

Backit purple tulips
yoga pose at sunset
Backlit yellow cowslips

Some examples of backlit photos I have shown to my students, whilst discussing lighting.

Who is it for?

This is the course for you if you:
  • Have a camera sitting in a drawer not being used
  • Are thinking about getting a new camera and would like help going through the manual
  • Love photography but don’t get that wow feeling from your own photos
  • Don’t understand what all the functions of your camera do
  • Would like to improve your camera confidence


  • A half-hour discovery call to get to know you and your photography and what you want to achieve from the course
  • Followed by a series of 6, one hour online photo mentoring sessions over Zoom
  • The content will include: various aspects of composition, lighting, backgrounds and focusing
  • Each session, I will set photography-related tasks to be completed before the next session. Then we start the next session by going through your work, so I can provide feedback and encouragement

My camera was set on automatic but had many more features that I really had no idea what they did. I knew I could pore over the manual but was always frustrated by the results. It was far more fun to enlist Helen’s help.

Helen’s patience, support, and knowledge have taken my amateur attempts to the next level and photography is now an enjoyable hobby which I will find useful for my business.

I would recommend Helen to anyone wanting to learn how to enjoy their camera.

Sian Davies

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