Helen Green with a branch tied with boots

Blooming Marvellous!

You might just be aware, if you’ve read any of my stuff, that a lot of my clients really aren’t keen on having their photo taken. So it was a match made in heaven when Caroline and I met. She, like many of my clients doesn’t like being in front of the camera, but she needs photos as she runs her own floral design business. I was delighted when she told me what she does, because I love gardens as much as I love photography.

Whilst she had photos of her floral displays and bouquets from wedding photographers, Caroline wanted to update her website and knew she needed up-to-date photos of herself. She knew that not having photos of herself could be costing her business, because people do business with people and they love seeing photos of the people involved in a business.

Also, having photos would enable Caroline to share the way that she does business, using locally-grown flowers, (some of which come from her own garden) and to make her stand out from other florists who don’t work in the same way as her. She also thought it would be good to show a bit more of what goes on behind the scenes.

5 images of wheat fields

And taking all that into consideration, she went for my Business Branding package, so she had a whole range of on-brand photos that align with her business, her values and the clients she wants to work with. 

Those ‘behind the scenes’ photos that give a bit of insight into what we get up to on a daily basis are surprisingly interesting to other people. Sometimes we don’t think about that because it’s our everyday reality, but to others it can be fascinating and can make a real difference to your business.

Behind the scenes insights can be fascinating and  make a real difference to your business

I recently heard a story that illustrates this so well. In the early 1900s, Schlitz Beer was the number eight beer brand in the world. They’d hired many different agencies and companies to help them advertise their beer without success. Then they hired a copywriter, Claude Hopkins. 

Hopkins wasn’t familiar with the brewery process, so he went off to their factory to have a look around. He was really inspired by how they made the beer. So he created a series of adverts that explained the beer making process. 

The owners of Schlitz thought it was strange because they said every brewery does it like that. But Hopkins knew the other companies weren’t sharing their process. So they ran the adverts. And Schlitz Beer went from the number eight beer company, to the number one beer company.

These ‘behind the scenes’ views certainly helped this brand – but back to Caroline…

The sun wasn’t shining – hurray!

On the day of the photoshoot, Caroline had prepared well and cleared the workstation and greenhouse, and knew exactly what to wear to fit with her brand. (I’m sure she had also done a lot of weeding and other gardening, as her garden looked stunning!) We had discussed all the details beforehand, to make the most of the opportunity and show her to advantage.

We held our breath for the weather to be fine, or at least not pouring with rain, and luck was on our side, it was actually the only good day that week. As any photographer will tell you, the fact that the sun wasn’t shining was perfect for taking the photos of Caroline in her garden. (Bright overhead light would have cast really strong shadows on her face and that was not what I was looking for.)

Natural, Authentic and Real

From my discussions beforehand with Caroline, I knew she is as eco-friendly as possible in her business and loves her natural garden. Natural was the word that kept coming up when we were talking, so this is what I needed to reflect in her photos.

I got Caroline to take me around her beautiful garden in the Slad Valley. She started by picking flowers and greenery, took me to her greenhouse and around the garden to her workshop in the garage, where she put together a vase and bouquet of the flowers she had picked.

This way of working, with me taking photos whilst she was doing what she does on an average day in her business, meant both that she felt more relaxed and comfortable with me taking the photos, but also the images were authentic and real, reflecting her actual working life. 

Some people think that stock photos are fine for using on their website, but this risks looking inauthentic and you lose the opportunity of showing how unique your business is.

The reaction…

When Caroline posted some of the photos on Instagram, she received some fabulous feedback:

“Helen has captured your friendly bubbly personality!”

“What gorgeous photos of you Caroline! Love the impromptu feel of them as if we are walking around the garden with you! 🥰


So, if you’d like a photoshoot that isn’t scary 😊 and it’s time for you to update your website and social media, do get in touch and we can have a chat.