People don’t just buy a product or service, they buy the experience and the person delivering that service. 

It’s really difficult for people to decide whether you are right for them if they don’t see you anywhere, if there’s nothing of you in your sales page or website. 

Also, people want to know about the experience they are going to get as a result of buying your service. That’s even more difficult to convey if you are a bit shy or don’t like being videoed. 

Being able to get your personality across to your potential clients in a way that is easy for them and comfortable for you, can make a massive difference to your business growth and referrals. Brand Story Photofilms can really help with this. 

Let me share my client Hazel’s experience when she asked me to make a Brand Story Photofilm for her business.

Helen Green with a branch tied with boots

Hazel is a solution focussed hypnotherapist, which means she focusses on future outcomes and helping people to find what works best so they can move on in their life.

The main reason she approached me to create a Brand Story Photofilm for her is that she wanted people to get to know her and the way she works. 

This is what she said: 

“I really want people to understand a little bit about me and the process before they come, because sometimes people are a bit anxious, so having a Brand Story Photofilm is really useful for people to understand who I am, what I do and also to see the room they are going to be in.

People come to me with depression, anxiety, stress, bullying and all kinds of things that aren’t very nice. If they are in a state of fear, it’s really important they don’t get extra anxiety about coming to see someone they don’t know.”

“The whole process went very smoothly. One of the most useful things was having a description beforehand from Helen of what we were going to do, so I was clear about the stages we would go through and the kind of questions I would need to answer.” 

If you are interested in finding out more about the Brand Story Photofilm process, I have explained it here >

“I found the help Helen gave with writing the script was really useful, because if I had had to do that on my own I wouldn’t have known where to start or how to structure it. The directions she gave were very clear and helpful. 

We also had a lot of discussion before the day of the photoshoot about how to prepare, including what to wear and the arrangement of the room where we would be taking the photos. 

It was quite funny when my client who had kindly volunteered to be photographed arrived in a green jumper that exactly matched my sofa. So when she sat on the sofa for the hypnotherapy session, she would have disappeared into it! Luckily, we had asked her to bring alternative clothing choices, so she had a red jumper to change into, which was great as red and green look very happy together. 

“When it came to the photoshoot, I’m not a shy person, but I don’t like having a camera pointed at me and Helen really managed to put me at ease.

I like the fact that Helen is creative with what she does and puts something extra in. 

For example, the imaginative way she blurred the image when my client was under hypnosis, because it created a visual effect suggesting what it’s like to be under hypnosis.”

“I was really impressed with the Brand Story Photofilm and it definitely went beyond my expectations. Helen was very good at making things look as smart and professional as they can and visually picking things up, like messy wires that would have irritated me. Helen acts as the producer, director and interviewer and wears all those hats very well. 

I’ve been told that if people stay longer on your website they are more likely to use your services. And this Photofilm is really helpful, as people are likely to stay longer to engage with it to hear about my process and what it’s like to work with me. 

The Photofilm was very complete, like a little story really and a movie is so much more engaging than just reading something. We started with my client arriving and we went through the whole process I use, ending with the client walking away smiling, leaving my front door. It was very good at showing that hypnotherapy is a positive thing for the client and definitely a pleasant thing to do.”

“When I showed my Brand Story Photofilm to people they were really impressed and slightly surprised I had done it, because I’m not someone who’s way ahead on the marketing game and I’m not a techy person, but it is your shop window. People were surprised, impressed and interested.

I think more people should have Brand Story Photofilms as I am really very pleased with mine. It’s been up there a while and I still like it.”

So if you want to improve your shop window, smarten up your marketing game, do video in a way that feels comfortable for you and aligned with how you want to be perceived by your audience, a Brand Story Photofilm might be a great thing for you to invest in for your business. 

If you want to find out more, I’d be happy to have a chat.

Have a look at Hazel’s Brand Story Photofilm