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Imagine that you could have images taken specially for your business to let your values shine through to connect with people, so that they understand, trust and remember your brand.

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Located in the beautiful Cotswold town of Minchinhampton near Stroud in Gloucestershire, I am available for photoshoots throughout the area including Worcestershire, Wiltshire and further afield.

About me:

I work with so many people who are camera-shy! When you hate having your photo taken you’re never happy with the photos, you’re either smiling too much, not at all or just looking a little bit strange! I know just how you feel because I’m a photographer and I still hate having my photo taken.

And yet in business we need to show who we are. When I first set up in business I didn’t have my own photo on my website. I know, that’s terrible! But I came to realise that if you run your own business, your brand is you, so nothing is more important than communicating who you really are to your audience.

People do business with people and we want to know who we’re dealing with. Seeing your photo on your website is reassuring for people and helps build trust. Showing photos of your business helps people understand what you do and relate to your brand. They get to know you and like you and want to do business with you.

I give you the time and space to relax, so that your personality shines through. So you have photos that your friends say “that’s really you!”, that are authentic, with no awkward poses, or insincere smiles, just the natural you that your friends and family know and love.

Above all you will go away with photos you are delighted with and proud to use and share. This is so important because you want to make that all-important connection with your clients.

A Brand Story Photofilm I created for Charlie Mitchell to crowdfund for a book she wrote called “Gifts From The Heart of The Storm”.

The Brand Story Photofilms I create can be used in so many different ways.

What my clients say...

“Helen instantly put me at ease with her lovely manner and professionalism”

“Helen has an amazing ability to make you feel relaxed and even enjoy the experience!”

“Helen has captured my personality and my smile brilliantly”

“Helen put us all at ease immediately, and helped us to be ourselves in front of the camera”

“The photos are great and exactly what we wanted!”

“We laughed so much during our shoot, enabling Helen to catch the shots that she knew would help depict aspects of my business.”

“Helen is the go-to photographer for service-focussed businesses, because her expertise will bring your business story to life.”

“During our session Helen was warm , encouraging and genuinely interested in my line of work.”

“Helen was both creative and flexible in her approach, giving lots of time to make sure everyone felt relaxed and happy with the photographs being taken.”

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