About me

Natural, Creative, Evocative Photography

Photographs are evocative and powerful, they express something, give you an insight into a subject. For me, photography is creative: it is a thought-process shining a light onto a subject that can evolve into something new and original.

Living amongst the Five Valleys in the beautiful Cotswolds, I still can't believe how lucky I am to spend my life doing something I love, working as a photographer. I am based in Minchinhampton, Stroud in Gloucestershire and it's am ideal location for natural outdoor photographic shoots as well as my own fine art projects.

When I am not walking on the common, gently dissuading the slugs from consuming the vegetable garden (let me know if you are interested in seeing my project entitled Slugs Have Feeling Too) I can be found baking a new recipe. My latest endeavours can be seen on my food blog, A Teaspoon of Jam.

I also enjoy the connection I make with people through photography. I feel that the genuine interaction I have with people means they relax and their personality comes through, resulting in photographs that really come from the heart and engage with viewers.

So if you are looking for natural, creative, evocative images that make you stand out, give me a call to find out about my flexible photography packages.

© Helen Green 2017